Full Sun/Half Lungs

I honestly couldn’t ask for a better/more relaxing last week off to prepare myself for the new chapter in my life. Despite the unexpectedness and crazy times, today was a reminder that every day brings with it another reason to smile. I hope whether its a full day or just your lunch break, your finding some moments to enjoy the gift of mild temperatures and sunshine this week.

After a serious berry and cereal fix for breakfast, it was time to get moving. Running outside for the first time since last fall felt absolutely amazing! The temperature was comfortable, the sun was out and the birds and critters were chiming in with full force. At the end of 4.2 miles I was cramped, sweating and down half a lung. Nbd.

The best part? I smelled sunscreen the entire way! Sunblock is definitely one of those smells that instantly brings back favorite memories and perks up my mood. It’s the JAM. If I found sunscreen perfume, I’d most likely rock that stuff yearlong.

It’s not that there was much risk of getting a burn today, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve wised up to how important sun protection is and how serious of a concern it should be to all of us (regardless of whether or not you’re a ginger like my dear friend Conan here). If you need more reason, check out this video STAT!

Not wanting to waste one minute of this gorgeous day, I headed to Bears Den to enjoy both my lunch and kindle out on the overlook rocks (see this previous post for more views from a past adventure). I couldn’t believe there was no one else up there! Just mayyybe everyone else was off actively contributing to society with important stuff…like work.

Sabra "Garden Vegetable" hummus with cherry tomatoes, carrots and cucumbers for dipping; blueberry Chobani; raw almonds and gluten free pretzel sticks

While up there, I finished The Scarlet Thread by Francine Rivers. This book especially resonated with me; a lot of times reading about someone else’s parallel struggles can shed light on lessons and solutions that are harder to see on our own. Remember that whole saying about how it’s easier to find faults in others? This particular book focused a lot on being self reliant instead of trusting in God’s plan, something probably a lot of us have a hard time with. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about books that are pure entertainment. Just sometimes though, it’s nice to get a little more out of them.

Lesson of the day: Don’t be afraid to enjoy life out on your own sometimes. The best thing you can do for yourself is make enough time each day to live in your own moment. It may seem scary to have so much time alone with your thoughts, but I’ve learned its the best way to grow into the person you wanted to see in the first place.


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